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Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Shout It Out

It seems like every time I recommend a pickleball tip or strategy, it is accompanied by a request to FOCUS on something while you are playing. Lots of people seem to seem to have lots of trouble with this, and it shows in their performance during a game. You spend good money on lessons, you work hard at drill sessions, and you play games exactly like you always have. No change without change.

This is something that every player needs to work on. You can't possibly make improvements and changes if you can't focus properly during a game. Pickleball is a game of chess, not whack-a-mole. Every move and reaction you make on the court should be carefully planned and executed. And yes, I know you only have milliseconds.

So do you have a focusing issue? If you have consistent trouble remembering the score or who is serving (yeah, you), then you have a focusing issue that you need to fix in order to move ahead. You need to train your brain to be aware and in a position to react and perform.

The trick I use is extensive silent talking to myself. When I am serving, it is easy - I am very deliberate with my serve. I take up my starting position (check), I visually check on my opponent (check), I clearly and loudly announce the score (check), and I execute (check). If you start with just this, you can eventually move on to remembering what you've been working on in drill sessions.

And of course, the big bonus is that you will be the only one on the court that can be counted on for the correct score and server!

Have a great day on the courts.

Michael Gauthier
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Michael Gauthier

Michael Gauthier

Owner, Pickleball Strokes

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